Entertainment by PJ Oaten

Actor- TV Commercials

Most actors get a chance to work in TV commercials and PJ's resume includes quite a few. Known for his great ability to create physical attributes to a character it allows him to put funny business into a rigid 30 second window for advertisers

Told once by a client, "We like PJ because he talks so fast we can fit more product in," PJ has been picked out by the public on the street and at events just for that funny expression he did or catchphrase he said on TV.

PJ has appeared in state and national TVCs and worked for many advertising agencies and casting agents.
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Darlie Teeth whitening- Wayne Whyte
Hospital Home Lottery- Hero
Super Cheap Auto- Jeremy the neighbour
Oak Roofing-Pool Room
Fairies Tour TVC 2011
Goodwill "Better things to do with your Shoes" TVC
Channel 7 News Sporting Expert series
Promo1, Promo 2
Promo 3, Promo 4
Ductair Airconditioning
SAFF Fuels
Gouger Rugs series.
Tourism SA "Sealink"
Arnotts Emporio biscuits
Adelaide Bank
Northpoint Toyota
X-Lotto Santas' Reindeer
Transport SA Road Rules
Reach Toothbrush
Sosro Fruit Teas
Mitsubishi Solaro
Channel 10's Australia's Most Eligible
West End Beer Showdown
State Lotteries Powerball
Mitsubishi Lancer
Beaumont Tiles