Entertainment by PJ Oaten

Actor- Television series and presenting

PJ has had the opportunity to put his acting skills to the test in a number of roles on Television.

Apart from appearances on TV in front of live audiences, PJ has appeared on drama series and skit based comedy TV shows, soaps and presented to camera from all parts of the Australia. He has also performed warm up for Chennel Seven's Better Homes and Gardens and Sunrise.

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Presenter Reel 2014

Also employed for his creative flair he has been involved in productions as an actor from character development to assisting creator/producers with execution of material such as his role in the latest Children's TV hit "The Fairies"



See him in action- Barnaby Montage

Here's some of PJ's credits..
Wrestla-Girl Extreme Sports Models- Fox Sports
lead presenter- 2013
Neighbours- Channel 10
Matt Parelli- 2010
The Fairies- Channel 7
Barnaby the Bee- Childrens TV 2005/06/09
Skithouse- Comedy Sketch show
Roving enterprising-Ten network
Beyond the Deluge- Channel 7
Actor- Mini series
Stingers- 9 Network
Police officer- Drama Series
Secret Life of Us- Ten Network
Actor - Drama Series
Crusty and Filth- Comedy Pilot
Character of "Filth"
Willsy- Sitcom Pilot
The Music Shop- Ten network
Presenter- Children's TV
Hey, Hey, It's Saturday- Nine network
Entertainer- Live TV
C'mon Kids- Nine network
Entertainer-Children's TV
New Faces- Nine network
Entertainer- Live TV